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Not looking forward to work tomorrow :(((

Not looking forward to work tomorrow :(((

Just look what Joe brought me c:

Just look what Joe brought me c:

I was getting on really well with my sister last night and I was wearing shorts for pyjamas and she looked at me and said “haha your legs are really fat” and that was it

Honestly, I don’t deserve Joe, I feel like I constantly make him feel bad and treat him like crap but Jesus Christ I love him so much, I really don’t know what I’d do without him

Anonymous said: do you ever feel like youre not good enough for your boyfriend?

Yes, Joe means absolutely everything to me and I’m so scared of losing him, and him leaving me for someone better, he always tells me that he wouldn’t ever leave me and that I’m perfect every single day but Jesus Christ I can’t explain how scared I am of losing him

In these bodies we will live
In these bodies we will die,
Where you invest your love
You invest your life

Anonymous said: why do you find six packs a turn off?

I don’t know, people think I’m weird but I just don’t see the attraction with them :}

Anonymous said: 68, 69, 12

Sexual orientation- bisexual, this will start uproar when people from school see but idgaf what people think anymore
Turn off- six packs
Betrayal- hmm, its depends how severe it is, if its something small then most likely :)

I say how I would change all of my body if I could, but really if it came to it, I wouldn’t. If I changed the way I was, I wouldn’t have Joe because he wouldn’t like me the way he says he does now, he tells me I’m perfect inside and out and no matter how little I believe it or how much I disagree, if he likes the way I am outside I wouldn’t want to change it because I don’t want to lose him. As cheesy/clichĂ©d as it sounds, its the truth, I don’t want to change if it means losing the most perfect person to have walked into my life.

liubgfsf okay i need help, does anyone know of any online shops that are similar (or not) to sites like or s/t omg help

pretty much

pretty much